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95362516_238201000868595_6885190990508851200_nDoes someone knows who is who? I suspect “Grandpa” in the middle to be Theodor Johann, but the others.. ??


Thanks to John te Raa for sharing this photo with me :)

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Wedding Aleida & Arend Jan 1918

wedding Aleida+Arend Jan 1-11-1918 johanna 12yr

This photo is made on november 1st 1918
on the wedding of Aleida & Arend Jan,

The “who is who” with some help of  Ada Shortreed (Daughter of Arnold)

“behind the man in dark suit, is recognized being Arnold, Also tante Liesa Esselink. Uncle Ted from Iowa, and I think girl with two ribbons in front, is dads youngest sister Hannah.”

Johanna Hendrika has here the age of 12 years old.


I received this photo from their youngest son,
many Thanks to John te Raa




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Children of Arnold & Grada (11)

last meeting siblings Ada minus 4-1inEU holiday 3 passed away

I received this photo from Ada Shortreed, with the info that this was made from there most recent Sibling-meeting in 2017
4 Siblings are missing, 1 was on holiday in Europe
3 siblings have passed away

I’m standing next to Theodor ” Ted, we call him ”

From l to R Henry, Truus, Rita, Ali, Ada, Ted. Helen and Yoke

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