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Wedding Aleida & Arend Jan 1918

wedding Aleida+Arend Jan 1-11-1918 johanna 12yr

This photo is made on november 1st 1918
on the wedding of Aleida & Arend Jan,

The “who is who” with some help of  Ada Shortreed (Daughter of Arnold)

“behind the man in dark suit, is recognized being Arnold, Also tante Liesa Esselink. Uncle Ted from Iowa, and I think girl with two ribbons in front, is dads youngest sister Hannah.”

Johanna Hendrika has here the age of 12 years old.


I received this photo from their youngest son,
many Thanks to John te Raa




Do you have family photo’s and or stories to share? let me know at


Children of Arnold & Grada (11)

last meeting siblings Ada minus 4-1inEU holiday 3 passed away

I received this photo from Ada Shortreed, with the info that this was made from there most recent Sibling-meeting in 2017
4 Siblings are missing, 1 was on holiday in Europe
3 siblings have passed away

I’m standing next to Theodor ” Ted, we call him ”

From l to R Henry, Truus, Rita, Ali, Ada, Ted. Helen and Yoke

If anyone wants to add something, like a family photo, tradition, memory or dates for the Kaemingk genealogy, let me know

Back to our Roots 2

4 years ago, I was telling you the story about our “Family Farm Tour” with Brian..

I could have start this story with almost the same words,
but we didnt meet Brian, and ‘we’ were with 3 dutch ladies now.

But this one is different, part 2 so we speak
Yesterday we met Brian’s Parents: Dale & Terry from Seattle, USA.

So much has changed in the 4 years since we’ve met Brian..

I still had both my grandparents, and Ida her mom,
her dad had been passed away a year before, in the first farm where we met, we went inside the Hassink which was for sale, and we walk into the rooms and i burst out in tears, not had been there since saying goodbye to Oom Marinus the brother of my grandpa.
and then to the farm, which hold so many family memories from all generations.

So much has changed for me, but the Family farms are (mostly) still here. So yesterday we went with Dale & Terry to do the farm tour, in a different order too, where we ended 4 years ago with Brian, we started with Dale & Terry. at Ida her garden.


Different than with Brian, is that Beppie & Ida are 2nd degree cousins with Dale, where Brian and I are 3rd. so there GreatGrandparents is one and the same.

Theodor Johann & Johanna Hendrika are their Great Grandparents,
and mine and Brians (and many more decendants)
Great-Great Grandparents..
Click on the green words to open another story, this one shows a list of all the great/grandparents and the dates they are born and passed away and where. (to which the numbers relate)

On the road we first went to Kaemingk Season Decorations,
which is not in the family anymore, but using our name clearly brings some succes, the buildings are huge

IMG-20190423-WA0005 20190423_135839

Near there, still in Aalten, the smallest church in the Netherlands
20190423_141321 57608814_2631653450195829_4214632475348959232_n

Here we stand at the border of Dinxperlo (NL) & Suderwick (DE) belonging to the bigger place called Bocholt

From there we went back over the border, to Barchem (NL)
where we visitted the cementary of our greatgrandparents

Family grave
Family grave
Family Grave where Theodor Johann is burried first.
Family Grave where Theodor Johann is



This is the Family grave where Theodor Johann & Johanna Hendrika and more family who lived on the Teesink farm


the name is standing in the middle back in the photo above.


btr The second Kaemingk Family grave is this one,

Here are burried, the parents-in-law from Hendrik Jan (7) , his wife Aaltje (oma) and their youngest son Theo & later their 2nd son, Marinus & Ada, Ida her parents too were burried here.

From here we went to Hassink, the farm which was from Ida her parents, my grandparents siblings, from 1983

btr btr






this farm came back in Kaemingk ownership because in the past many children of the 8th, and 10th siblings were born here too, as far as I know of from 1929 a son of Johan (nr.8) and all 11 dutch born children of Arnold (nr 11)  were born here at Hassink.

At the next farm in our tour, but for most the 1st Kaemingk Family Farm, Teesink, the story goes that Theodor Johann & Johanna lived here with their 12 children.. from here they went all there separate ways into the world.

teesink farm waar deel kaemingks is opgegroeid 58654645_2631653520195822_7057101832534884352_n

It seems to be a (more than once applied) Kaemingk thing, for their daughter to live next door, the youngest daughter, Hanna (nr.12) lived here:

btr at the “Johanna Hoeve” where there current owners were so kind to invite us in the garden to make this picture (with the name on the farm)

Our ( Beppie, Ida, mine) line is from Hendrik Jan (nr.7) who lived at Broekhuis, the next farm we went to.


Hendrik Jan is married into this farm
when he married Aaltje Oltvoort 1st March 1918
the story goes, when war came they were hiding Jews and the soldiers came to take opa with them but he disappeared, they said to Oma, “if you dont tell us where your husband is, we set your farm on fire” and oma said: “as long as the legs of my chair arent burning, i dont go anywhere and tell you nothing”. the soldiers left, but later Hendrik was taken to prison camp. that story comes another time..

our (grand)fathers are the oldest sons which both married sisters, who came from Vorden, near by Barchem,

so on our way back we went a bit off-kaemingk-tour to where our (grand)mothers were born. “we needed to go there too” and we saw that farm inside a bit there is living a cousin form mom’s side of Ida & Beppie, we realized later that this day 3 years ago was the exact date our (grand)mother has passed away.

We ended the tour with a diner at the same place where we ate Pannekoeken with Brian 4 years ago

55dde129-156a-4aa1-bb8f-5574482ad36f rbthdr
We had a great day around our great-grandparents houses!

Theodor Johann 1858-1940

btr btr

passed away add Theodor Johann
passed away add Theodor Johann

Theodor Johann Kaemingk is our Opa.
Born: 19 jan 1858
Married:  20 Nov 1884
& Died:  5 May 1940 in the age of 82

Johanna Hendrika Pennings is our Oma.
Born: 17 June 1863
Married:  20 Nov 1884
& Died: 26 Apr 1915 at age of 52

Although we do have info about their parents and great/grandparents 3 generations back to 1757,
We consider this pair of Grandparents our Family Tree – start

This couple were the parents of our Great Grandparents.
They had the 12 children of who we heard all the family stories, when we were little kids, or even still beautiful stories to be told.

The 12 Children are all born in Aalten:

  1. Herman Lambertus.
    born: 04 dec 1885-died: 26 sept 1948 in Aalten NL= 62
  2. Gerrit Wilhelm.
    born: 12 sept 1887 – died: 19 jun 1979 in De Wijk NL = 91
  3. Englebert.
    born 10 feb  1889 – died:  18 juli 1955 in Lynden, W, USA = 66
  4. Gerrit Johan.
    born: 2 nov 1890-died: 22 jan, 1965 in Glencoe, South Africa = 75
  5. Elisabeth.
    born: 15 april 1892 – died: 27 jan 1971 in Barchem,  NL= 79
  6. Aleida Gerharda.
    born: 28 april 1894- died: 17 may 1983 in Borculo, NL = 89
  7. Hendrik Jan.
    born: 15 nov  1895- died: 12 nov 1967 in Barchem, NL= 71
  8. Johan Gerrit.
    born: 31 oct 1897-died: 8 feb 1986 in Lochem, NL = 89
  9. Grada Johanna.
    born: 24 dec 1899-died: 8 feb 1969 in Aalten, NL = 69
  10. Theodor Johan.
    born: 20 juli 1901-died: 16 aug 1985 in Sioux, I, USA =84
  11. Arnold Gerhard.
    born: 3 jun 1904-died: 29 sept 1969 in Emo, O, Canada = 65
  12.  Johanna Hendrika.
    born: 11 feb 1906- died: 24 april 1994 in Deventer, NL = 88


IMG-20190423-WA0006 btr

Family Grave where Theodor Johann is burried.
photo made april 2019


The stories on this website will be about this family tree

Theodor Johan jr. 14

 This morning i received old photos from our Englebert-line of the familytree with the request if i could tell who is who from these old photos..

they could be from their grandmothers (Kraayenbrink) too, so if i could recognize the Kaemingks.. 

For most I needed to send them to more family members to help me recognize too.. but this one of twentyfive i recognized my very own ancestors..


This is the photo of Hendrik Jan & ‘Opoe’ Aaltje
with their 5 children,

4 of them i met many times in my own life.
Being my own Grandpa and his siblings.
the 5th child, the youngest son, died in an motorcycle accident in 1945 at the age of 14 years young.

Theodor Johan Kaemingk  juli 20th 1931 – aug 14th 1945

1945 was a heavy year for this family,  Grandpa Hendrik Jan has been prisonized due to the war from nov 1944 till april 1945 of which the last 2 months in camp Wilhelmshaven from which he escaped by illness-transport. on april 16th

April 28th 1945 is a day of mixed emotions, finally he returned home, but barely alive, and at the same day his first grandchild is born. 3 and a half months later his youngest son died in an accident.



if anyone has more (old) family photos to share,
please send them to



Arnold & Grada 1931


Arnold Gerard is the 11th child born in June 3rd of 1904 of Theodor Johann Kaemingk  and Johanna Hendrika Pennings

Arnold & Grada got married on april 10th 1931





Marriage Arnold & Grada 1931
Marriage Arnold & Grada 1931

On this photo you see Grandpa Theodor Johann Kaemingk
(with the white beard) and his second wife, Alieda Steenbreke
and all of Arnolds & Gradas siblings & partners. 

11 kids of arnold voor emigratie canada

Due to some mis-spelling their childrens last name turned into Kaemingh

Arnold & Grada emigrated from The Netherlands to Canada in 1947 with their 11 children,  Hannie, Henk, Theo, Truus, Ali, Dinie, Ada, Yoke, Anneke, Arnold and little Helen of 2 months old, their 12th child Janette (Rita) was born in Canada in 1950


If anyone want to share more info about Arnold, please let me know at
Thank you Linda Kaemingk for sharing this photos last reunion with Donna who sent them to me, to check who is who,  more of this blogs are about to come as soon as i have info / recognized family members :)

Rainy River District

Peter Kaemingk (wendy fb)

12 april 2013 · Yellowknife, NT, Canada ·

Derk and Audry Kaemingk’s only son Peter Kaemingk
From Kakabeka Ontario Canada

What is sooo cool I think, is that Peter and Wendy’s son is now a preacher in the Rainy River District, where many of the Kaemingh clan resides.
Derk Kaemingk, our cousin, (his dad and my dad are brothers) also began his life with a young Dutch bride he met in the Rainy River District.

Derk and I now live in the same neighbourhood here in T. Bay Ont.

writen by Ada Shortreed 

Kaemingk Farm Tour ‘back to our roots’

Yesterday I met Brian,
His wish was the same as mine ‘visiting the old family farm(s)’
my mom knows only one so i asked her cousin (Ida) who is also totally ‘into family stuff’ too, to meet and guide us around.

I met Brian and friends on the train station and from there we drove to meet Ida at the first family farm, which has been since 1978 of here parents, where I visited myself also frequently.

Ida and I are double family, her father was a brother of my grandfather(96) and her mom(91) is a sister of my grandma(92).

we started and met Ida at the Hassink Farm
(for photo’s click here (for sale now)

family tree barchem boom

this ‘Family Tree’ was planted during a Kaemingk-familyday there,
in summer 2006 where both Ida and I were too.

Luckily everyone had the same idea about how many time to spend together, so all day we were spending together with visiting farms, driving and taking photo’s as if we were tourists, but the most beautiful part:

We weren’t tourists, we all felt home at all the farms where only our ancestors had been, living, where they raised our (great)(grand)parents. And one where Ida had been growing up too.

Brian and I share the same great-greatgrandparents
they must have been great ;) … Pioneers !

We have seen all around Hassink (where older Kaemingk generations have lived and being raised too, like Johan Gerrit too, one of the 12 children, from which Englebert is Brians greatgrandfather and Hendrik Jan mine)

On our way to the Teesink farm we came across the farms where Hanna & Liza have been living too.

farm hanna


farm Liza  (1)

The Teesink farm, is where all 12 children of Theodor Johann & Johanna Hendrika have been born and raised until they moved and or emigrated:  to USA: Englebert & Ted and to South Africa: Gerrit and to Canada: Arnold)
Later on Johan Gerrit, took over the Teesink farm.



From there we moved on to Broekhuis,
where the new owners were home and invited us to look inside,

which still had much the same or even traces of the past.

My grandfather and Ida’s father grew up here and so did Ida herself and her brothers and sisters.broekhuis


Then it was time for lunch, and we headed for a “Pannenkoekenhuis” the one with the best pancakes in Holland.

On our way there we went in business ;)

kaemingk deco

After the pancakes we went to church :)

kleinste kerkje

The smallest one in all Holland :)
(the only one which fits in 1 picture)

We decided at this hour that,
now we are doing the Kaemingk tour,
we should do ALL, so there we went,
crossing the border with Germany

The story which my grandfather told us very often
that in this town, this road is the border, (still is)
and in the past they sold flowers on both sides of the streets and the signs were “Bloemen te koop” (in Dutch) and on the other side  “Blumen zu kauf” (in German)

dutch-germanborder suderwick so the question is:
On which side of this street they lived?
Are our roots Dutch or German? ;)

So there we went for ice cream, in the German part,
because it is typical Dutch to get your stuff where it is the cheapest :) I took Malaga taste which at us is called “Boerenjongens” (farmerboys) as long as I remember when we went for ice cream with my grandparents they took this one.. Brian discovered why ;)
also without the ice cream it is a often given gift at birthdays in our Kaemingk family

Just after war time the price difference were the opposite, then coal got smuggled from Holland, by putting them in Footballs and kicking them over the border into Germany, which was forbidden but tolerated. (this story (in dutch and german) on the sign next to statue made for the oldest citizen a man at that time 102 years old, who wished to honor the smugglers :)

verhaal smokkelaar suderwick

smokkelaar suderwick

The greatgrandparents, and their descendants
of our great-greatgrandfather were all born in this town.
the one most far back in history was born in 1767

suderwick ibj (1)

“wir gehen fahren zu Friedhof”
In this town we went to cemetary,
in search of relatives, all we found was it was updated
and only recent graves far relatives which the last name is spelled
“Kemink” (photo’s later)

From there we went back in Holland, to Ida’s house,

where she has very old family photo’s and letters
(see other posts in Family History)

bij ida thuis

And in the end of the day back home and to the train.

We all had a wonderful day!