Theodor Johan jr. 14

 This morning i received old photos from our Englebert-line of the familytree with the request if i could tell who is who from these old photos..

they could be from their grandmothers (Kraayenbrink) too, so if i could recognize the Kaemingks.. 

For most I needed to send them to more family members to help me recognize too.. but this one of twentyfive i recognized my very own ancestors..


This is the photo of Hendrik Jan & ‘Opoe’ Aaltje
with their 5 children,

4 of them i met many times in my own life.
Being my own Grandpa and his siblings.
the 5th child, the youngest son, died in an motorcycle accident in 1945 at the age of 14 years young.

Theodor Johan Kaemingk  juli 20th 1931 – aug 14th 1945

1945 was a heavy year for this family,  Grandpa Hendrik Jan has been prisonized due to the war from nov 1944 till april 1945 of which the last 2 months in camp Wilhelmshaven from which he escaped by illness-transport. on april 16th

April 28th 1945 is a day of mixed emotions, finally he returned home, but barely alive, and at the same day his first grandchild is born. 3 and a half months later his youngest son died in an accident.



if anyone has more (old) family photos to share,
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Arnold & Grada 1931


Arnold Gerard is the 11th child born in June 3rd of 1904 of Theodor Johann Kaemingk  and Johanna Hendrika Pennings

Arnold & Grada got married on april 10th 1931





Marriage Arnold & Grada 1931
Marriage Arnold & Grada 1931

On this photo you see Grandpa Theodor Johann Kaemingk
(with the white beard) and his second wife, Alieda Steenbreke
and all of Arnolds & Gradas siblings & partners. 

11 kids of arnold voor emigratie canada

Due to some mis-spelling their childrens last name turned into Kaemingh

Arnold & Grada emigrated from The Netherlands to Canada in 1947 with their 11 children,  Hannie, Henk, Theo, Truus, Ali, Dinie, Ada, Yoke, Anneke, Arnold and little Helen of 2 months old, their 12th child Janette (Rita) was born in Canada in 1950


If anyone want to share more info about Arnold, please let me know at
Thank you Linda Kaemingk for sharing this photos last reunion with Donna who sent them to me, to check who is who,  more of this blogs are about to come as soon as i have info / recognized family members :)