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Back to our Roots 2

4 years ago, I was telling you the story about our “Family Farm Tour” with Brian..

I could have start this story with almost the same words,
but we didnt meet Brian, and ‘we’ were with 3 dutch ladies now.

But this one is different, part 2 so we speak
Yesterday we met Brian’s Parents: Dale & Terry from Seattle, USA.

So much has changed in the 4 years since we’ve met Brian..

I still had both my grandparents, and Ida her mom,
her dad had been passed away a year before, in the first farm where we met, we went inside the Hassink which was for sale, and we walk into the rooms and i burst out in tears, not had been there since saying goodbye to Oom Marinus the brother of my grandpa.
and then to the farm, which hold so many family memories from all generations.

So much has changed for me, but the Family farms are (mostly) still here. So yesterday we went with Dale & Terry to do the farm tour, in a different order too, where we ended 4 years ago with Brian, we started with Dale & Terry. at Ida her garden.


Different than with Brian, is that Beppie & Ida are 2nd degree cousins with Dale, where Brian and I are 3rd. so there GreatGrandparents is one and the same.

Theodor Johann & Johanna Hendrika are their Great Grandparents,
and mine and Brians (and many more decendants)
Great-Great Grandparents..
Click on the green words to open another story, this one shows a list of all the great/grandparents and the dates they are born and passed away and where. (to which the numbers relate)

On the road we first went to Kaemingk Season Decorations,
which is not in the family anymore, but using our name clearly brings some succes, the buildings are huge

IMG-20190423-WA0005 20190423_135839

Near there, still in Aalten, the smallest church in the Netherlands
20190423_141321 57608814_2631653450195829_4214632475348959232_n

Here we stand at the border of Dinxperlo (NL) & Suderwick (DE) belonging to the bigger place called Bocholt

From there we went back over the border, to Barchem (NL)
where we visitted the cementary of our greatgrandparents

Family grave
Family grave
Family Grave where Theodor Johann is burried first.
Family Grave where Theodor Johann is



This is the Family grave where Theodor Johann & Johanna Hendrika and more family who lived on the Teesink farm


the name is standing in the middle back in the photo above.


btr The second Kaemingk Family grave is this one,

Here are burried, the parents-in-law from Hendrik Jan (7) , his wife Aaltje (oma) and their youngest son Theo & later their 2nd son, Marinus & Ada, Ida her parents too were burried here.

From here we went to Hassink, the farm which was from Ida her parents, my grandparents siblings, from 1983

btr btr






this farm came back in Kaemingk ownership because in the past many children of the 8th, and 10th siblings were born here too, as far as I know of from 1929 a son of Johan (nr.8) and all 11 dutch born children of Arnold (nr 11)  were born here at Hassink.

At the next farm in our tour, but for most the 1st Kaemingk Family Farm, Teesink, the story goes that Theodor Johann & Johanna lived here with their 12 children.. from here they went all there separate ways into the world.

teesink farm waar deel kaemingks is opgegroeid 58654645_2631653520195822_7057101832534884352_n

It seems to be a (more than once applied) Kaemingk thing, for their daughter to live next door, the youngest daughter, Hanna (nr.12) lived here:

btr at the “Johanna Hoeve” where there current owners were so kind to invite us in the garden to make this picture (with the name on the farm)

Our ( Beppie, Ida, mine) line is from Hendrik Jan (nr.7) who lived at Broekhuis, the next farm we went to.


Hendrik Jan is married into this farm
when he married Aaltje Oltvoort 1st March 1918
the story goes, when war came they were hiding Jews and the soldiers came to take opa with them but he disappeared, they said to Oma, “if you dont tell us where your husband is, we set your farm on fire” and oma said: “as long as the legs of my chair arent burning, i dont go anywhere and tell you nothing”. the soldiers left, but later Hendrik was taken to prison camp. that story comes another time..

our (grand)fathers are the oldest sons which both married sisters, who came from Vorden, near by Barchem,

so on our way back we went a bit off-kaemingk-tour to where our (grand)mothers were born. “we needed to go there too” and we saw that farm inside a bit there is living a cousin form mom’s side of Ida & Beppie, we realized later that this day 3 years ago was the exact date our (grand)mother has passed away.

We ended the tour with a diner at the same place where we ate Pannekoeken with Brian 4 years ago

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We had a great day around our great-grandparents houses!